The Inky Mushroom

The Artist’s Palette, no… the fungus.

Posted in Colours, Mushrooms, Natural Media by inkymushroom on December 28, 2008

The artists palette or conk, is a very large shelf mushroom that resides in trees.

This to me is very interesting already but for the others, what makes this fungi such a fun guy is that one can do this!

The interesting people on this web site burn the underside to make their designs, but I am quite sure that it is not neccessary to go as far as burning to draw a nice picture or message on the underside. What a strange idea, to draw on a reproductive organ.

I have been reading an eccentric little pocket guide to mushrooms called “All That the Rain Promises and More…” inside it not only goes into edibility but to other uses aswell. Within it it notes that one may make dyes out of certain types:

A dark variety of Hawk Wing (Sarcodon imbricatum), may make an earthy purplish blue. I think it’s between a muddied ultramarine and cobalt blue.

A certain type of Ramaria makes an earthy grey-purple dye.

Northern Red-dye (Dermocybe sanguinea) speaks for itself though the dye seems to take on more of a flame red, or a red-orange.


Another interesting variety of mushroom is the Inky mushroom (that which I have chosen for my blog), specifically the Shaggy Mane (Coprinus Comatus). While young the shaggy mane is actually edible, though it quickly perishes, and when it does it liquifies into a sticky black ink (I found this out the hard way as my dad had collected it for me in a paper bag from the suburbs I had grown up in, which I had then placed on my keyboard overnight…). There is a way to finish the degenarative by product so that one may actually draw an image of a Shaggy Mane with its own ink!

A bit about inky mushrooms:

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